Videos from America

During our travels we met many very interesting people. When we had the chance we asked these people to give a short video pitch about their work. This resulted in a collection of very interesting short clips. We made a playlist on You Tube here.
In addition we also found or were tipped other interesting video material. Below you'll see links to the pitches we recorderd per project and additional video's. Some videos are still being edited and are thus currently not yet available.

Some of the videos are subtitled in Dutch:
Lisa Smusz / PEERS
Debby - Step up on 2nd
Marianne Farkas - Boston University

An interesting collection of video's can also be found via Recovery Xchange.

No data, no dollars - Center 4 Social Innovation 
Cheryl Gagne (pitch) 
Livia Davis (pitch)
Katy Hanlon (pitch)
You Tube channel of T3

‘Nothing about us, without us’, Marianne Farkas, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation 
Marianne Farkas (pitch)

Bevin Croft (pitch)

You have to get involved, Housing First & Pathways to housing
Documentary about Housing First
Sam Tsemberis (pitch)
Sam Tsemberis at TedX

‘I used to be homeless, now I am the director of Howie the Harp’ 
Dwayne Mayes (pitch)
Opening Howie the Harp Rotterdam Pameijer
Video about Howie the Harp

Community Access
Steve Coe, CEO, pitch 

It has to come from all directions, CTI & School of Social Work Hunter college 
Dan Herman (pitch)

Bringing hope to the mind - Fountain House 

Moving forward - Multidimensional Evidence Based Practice – Kansas 
Chris Petr (pitch)

Strength based aging in Kansas - the Institute of Aging and Long Term Care.
Rosemary Kennedy Chapin (pitch)

Strength based work – Adult Mental Health at Kansas University, School of Social Welfare 
Rick Gosha (pitch)

Hamovitch Social Work Research Center – USC [title]
Introducing the Avatar
Benjamin Henwood (pitch)
Seth Kurzban (pitch)

Skid Row Housing Trust
Mike Alvidrez (pitch)
Documentary on Skid Row
Spending the night on Skid Row
News report on new housing project

Felipe Sanchez (pitch)
Graffiti removal from mural
Restoration and talk by Alice Patrick

Step up on 2nd
Debby (pitch)

'May all who enter as guest, leave as friends' 2nd Story
Rigel Flaherty (pitch)
Shery Mead on Intentional Peer Support
2nd Story on Mad in America
2nd Story on You Tube

Love > Labels - P.E.E.R.S.
Lisa Smusz (pitch)

Are communities prepared for aging?

Direct Access to Housing - San Francisco 
Housing as medicine- Josh Bamberger 

Change from what's wrong to what's strong – Wrap around the world conference
Paolo del Vecchio Keynote
Robert Whitaker Keynote
Mary Ellen Copeland Keynote
Senator Darrell Steinberg Keynote with Intros
Visitor at conference 1
Visitor at conference 2

Experiencing WRAP training
Gina (pitch)

826 Valencia 
Ted talk Dave Eggers

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 
Elke van der Heijden & Dick Herweg (pitch about Krachtwerk on Tour)


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