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On this page you can find articles, books and presentations about Dutch projects we are involved with.

Je Eigen Stek (2014). Project description. Wmo-werkplaats Amsterdam.

Driessen, E., Holten, J., Huber, M. A., Lochtenberg, M., Metze, R., & Sedney, P. (2013). Krachtwerk on Tour: 26 practices of empowerment and recovery. Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Stam, M., in coöperation with Jansen, D., De Jong, C., & Räkers, M. (2013). Outreach governance in times of transition. Published by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (translated version).

Stam, M., Lochtenberg, M., & Huber, M. A. (2012). Supporting trialogical innovation. Conference paper Good Craftmanship 15-10-2012

Stam, M., Metze, R., Sedney, P., & Hauwert, S. (2010). Outreach work for threatened eviction. Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Metze, R. (2007). With a little help from my friends. Housing evictions and family group conferences. Master thesis University of Amsterdam

Kowalk, H. (2015/2016). The other perspective. The story of an experiential expertat the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Published by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (translated version).

Huber, M. A. (2016). Doing it alone together: Core issues in dutch self-managed residential programs. Mad in America. (ook verschenen op de site van peerrespite)

Lochtenberg, M. & Huber, M. A. (n.d.). Recovery, empowerment & peer support. Research & Development Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Driessen, E. (2013). Who Knows?! RAAK Research project – Employment of peers in professional practices in mental health, substance abuseand homeless care. Kansas University, 15th of January.

Sedney, P. & Driessen, E. (2013). Who Knows?! RAAK Research project – What’s going on with WRAP in the Netherlands? WRAP Around the World conference, 27th of January.

Huber, M. A., Joanknecht, L., & Metze, R. N. (2013). Strengthening the social network of homeless people. Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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